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Drug Testing

Testing your workers for drugs/alcohol can oftentimes be perceived as controversial, however, it can be a vital part of your safety program.

Urine Drug Testing:  All DOT related drug testing is collected and processed based upon the federal guidelines of urine/drug testing as described in 49CFR Part 40.Non-DOT related drug testing may be performed using instant testing procedures, Federal DOT guidelines, and/or Hair Analysis, based upon your individual wants or needs.

Hair Drug Testing: This form of drug testing shows the abuse of drugs for a longer-term view. The general rule of thumb is that hair grows around 1cm per month; when drugs are consumed, trace evidence of this is secreted as the hair grows. This means that there can be detectable levels of drugs, and a rough estimate of when the growing hair was exposed to the illegal substance. 
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Alcohol Testing 

Alcohol testing is typically required for pre-employment screening or post accident but also can be random due to company policy. 

All Breath Alcohol Testing is conducted using a LifeLoc Phoenix 6.0 evidential breath testing system and is compliant with all DOT rules and regulations.  The Phoenix 6.0 is the most advanced and powerful evidential breath tester on the market. 
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CDL Medical Examination

CDL Medical Examinations are required by FMCSA and the North Carolina DMV if you are a commercial driver. Commonly referred to as a DOT exam, this is a basic physical exam to ensure all CDL drivers are fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

Here is what you can expect from a CDL physical:
  • Medical history review
  • Physical examination and vital testing
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing Testing
  • Drug Testing

Contact Duplin County Chiropractic today to get your CDL Medical Examination to ensure you are legally able to drive commercially!