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Chiropractic care is more than treating today’s pain, it’s about fixing problems by restoring proper motion and alignment to ensure you’ll be pain free tomorrow.

Rather than just treating, managing and masking symptoms, our goal at Duplin County Chiropractic & CDL Medical Exam Center is to locate the root of your pain. Aiming to motivate our patients, we not only find the root of your pain but we also aim to educate our patients on chiropractic care and other natural solutions to help with common health ailments. Through education we hope to motivate our patients to take an active, responsible role in their health.

Through years of experience, we realize that even when two patients are diagnosed with the same condition, each body is different and will respond differently to treatment. At Duplin County Chiropractic & CDL Medical Exam Center, we tailor each plan to meet the needs, goals and unique medical and physical conditions of each patient.

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